Austin is consistently ranked as one of the most dog friendly cities in the US.  It’s not surprising that homeowners are installing custom features so that our furry friends are comfortable in our homes.  Innovation and creativity come together to bring ease to fido’s humans through the following installations.



Tired of washing your dog in the tub? The solution? A built-in bathing station! Many homeowners have started incorporating a dog-sized walk-in style shower in their mudroom or garage to make bathing their dog easier. The design’s open concept allows for dogs of all sizes to fit inside the tub, while a handheld showerhead and built-in eye hooks keep your pup—and the water—inside the tub.



Everybody has to eat and your dogs are no exception – but your dog friendly custom home can make this part of your day just a little bit easier.  Add dog food storage to your new home’s kitchen cabinets or pantry. Or keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy with a built-in area for dog bowls. A dedicated space makes it less likely that you’ll trip over the bowls and prevents food from spilling everywhere. You can even take it to the next level and install a faucet near the dog food station to make it easier to refill water bowls.



Built-in dog doors aren’t an entirely new concept but they’ve come a long way in recent years. Instead of your basic dog door with unsightly plastic flaps, homeowners have a lot more options and can be integrated into your home’s design.



Households with dogs can be chaotic and your home’s flooring can take a lot of abuse. To minimize the effects your dog’s claws will have on your flooring, opt for a more durable option like a luxury vinyl plank or engineered hardwood.



More and more homeowners agree that their dogs can benefit from their own space within the home. For that reason, a new home feature many homeowners are adding to their existing cabinetry is a built-in dog bed. Built-in dog beds keep your home free of clutter while still ensuring your dog has a quiet space to relax.

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